Welcome at the homepage of the Institute of Human Genetics

Our mission is to diagnose hereditary disorders and to unravel the underlying pathophysiologyical events to find new therapeutic strategies.

The services we offer to patients are realized in a close cooperation with  human genetic outpatient clinic at the center of ambulatory medicine within the "Universitary Center of Human Genetics Jena". The diagnostic procedures and our counselling unit are certified and participate in regular quality controls.

Our scientific interests are the pathophysiology of selected hereditry disorders, the mechanisms that lead to the formation of cancer and cellular senescence as well as the analysis of chromosomal rearrangements and the interphase structure of the nucleus. These interests are reflected by different subgroups at the institute.

The diverse aspects of human genetics are taught to students of medicine, biochemistry, biology, nutrition and molecular medicine.

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Prof. Dr. Christian A. Hübner

Director of the Insitute of Human Genetics


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