Cytogenetics - karyotype evolution

Medical Care

This field covers cytogenetic diagnostics and includes pre- and postnatal analyses on metaphase spreads and interphase nuclei in order to detect discrepancies in chromosome number and structure by conventional and molecular-cytogenetics (FISH) methods

Prenatal cytogenetic diagnostics:

submission form prenatal cytogenetics

There are numerous medical indications for a prenatal chromosome investigation. These analyses are performed in our institution for the following materials:

· amnion cells
· chorionic villi
· abortion material

The decision, which type of cells is used for chromosome analysis depends on the indication and the gestational age.

Postnatal cytogenetic diagnostics:

submission form postnatal cytogenetics

In some cases it is reasonable to analyze the chromosomes of the patients with a certain clinical indication. The following materials can be analyzed in our institute:

· heparin blood
· skin fibroblasts