The M.Sc. course "Molecular Medicine" conveys basic and advanced insights into different areas of biomedicine. The knowledge imparted should enable students to conduct biomedical research and medical biotechnology. The course follows increasing demands of research institutes in molecular biomedicine, which are seeking scientists with pronounced knowledge in medicine and natural sciences.

To impart sound skills in experimental methods in biomedicine, the course offers comprehensive laboratory exercises. Students normally are working in 2 to 3 different research laboratories exploring a broad spectrum of experimental techniques. This part of the course is also aimed ad promoting the ability using technical literature.

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1. Graduates of Bachelor courses in "Biochemistry/Molecular biology" as well as graduates of related and equivalent courses of studies can aquire the degree Master of Science in 4 semesters of study. Applications of foreign students are welcome.

2. Particularly high-ability graduates of Human Medicine with a German 1st state exam degree as well as with a comparable examination can aquire the Master's degree in Molecular Medicine in a postgraduate course taking 2 semesters. This course of studies isn't eligible for foreigners.


Further information (application, modules, exams):

Master Service Center
Institute of Molecular Cell Biology