Deans of the Medical Faculty

"There are two main aspects that make a university hospital different from non-university hospitals: ambitious research on the highest level and top quality education of students in medicine and dentistry. To ensure that these high standards are met, research and teaching have to go hand in hand and need to be in balanced proportion to optimal patient care."

Prof. Dr. Klaus Benndorf

Scientific Director
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine

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"It is our aim to give our students an understanding of  scientific challenges already in the course of study, to provide opportunities for doing research to our clinical personnel and to foster a close cooperation between scientists and clinical physicians in order to establish a basis for translational research. This is science for the benefit of patients."

Prof. Dr. Andreas Hochhaus

Vice Dean for Research

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"We want the study of medicine to be interesting and fun; it should arouse curiosity, be practice-oriented and catch the students’ interest for research or even offer research opportunities for students. If we give our best every day to put this vision into practice, we will get enthusiastic students who are eager to work as physicians and/or scientists."

Prof. Dr. Orlando Guntinas-Lichius

Dean of Students

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